Our solutions

Strategy design and implementation

Our communication strategies will become your blueprint for success.

Our ability to distil complex communication challenges into simple, logical and practical solutions has become our hallmark.

We design communication strategies to be practical and achievable. We consider your resources, capability and budget to deliver a bespoke solution aimed at achieving results.

If needed, we can work with you to implement the strategies we design.

Stakeholder engagement

We can help you to untangle the web of stakeholder relationships and develop effective strategies to manage their impact and influence.

Our approach is underpinned by world's best practice for designing, implementing, evaluating and assuring the quality of stakeholder engagement.

We focus on balancing the needs of all stakeholders.

We can also work with clients to strengthen their stakeholder engagement skills.

Writing and editing

We use plain English principles to communicate complex information clearly.

We write and edit publications including newsletters, media releases, fact sheets, speeches, website copy, brochures, annual reports and other corporate documents.

We can design and develop written and visual style guides to keep your messages on track.

Internal communications

Our internal communication strategies help create better places to work – they help organisations to become employers of choice.

We believe that when organisations engage with their employees they are better placed to motivate them to succeed.

We develop strategies which focus on building a positive workplace culture.

Communication effectiveness

When we evaluate communication strategies, activities and programs we make sure we do it in a way that will set a benchmark for future performance.

Our communication audit methodology provides the clarity you need to understand where communication opportunities and barriers that exist.

We can evaluate a single campaign or your overall communication function.

Issues management

We can't predict the future – but we can equip your organisation with the skills and strategies you need to monitor and manage emerging issues.

We develop a deep understanding of your organisation to provide expert advice to help you anticipate trends, respond to challenging events and engage critical stakeholders.

As communication advisors to senior-level management and in-house communication and marketing teams, our work has encompassed many challenging management and public issues.

Training and coaching

Our training and coaching programs are designed to share our expertise in stakeholder engagement and media management with your team.

Before we design a training solution we will work closely with you to understand the learning outcomes you want to achieve.

We use practical scenarios to give your team the skills they need to succeed.

Media management

We design media management strategies that are focused on communicating honestly and reliably to build credibility.

PRISM Communication Architects have the expertise to help you to manage your organisation's media presence.

We can deliver practical media training to equip spokespeople with the skills they need to become a respected spokesperson for your organisation.

Bid and tender development

We design and manage winning bids and tenders for our clients.

From creating a bid strategy to designing, writing, editing, producing and submitting a bid, PRISM Communication Architects has the experience to help give your bid the winning edge.


We see sustainability communication as an opportunity to create long-term stakeholder relationships.

PRISM Communication Architects work with clients to incorporate environmental, social, ethical and economic factors into strategic planning to understand how these factors will affect their business now and in the future.

Our work in this area has helped organisations to showcase their sustainability stories, build communities of interest as well as engage with an important silent group – stakeholders of the future.

Our clients


We are experts at building solid communication and stakeholder platforms to support the infrastructure sector.

We partner with leading infrastructure owners, operators and developers to design and deliver practical communications solutions that get noticed for the right reasons.

Our work has encompassed large and high profile planning and delivery projects in the water, energy, road, rail, mining and ports industries.

We are proud that our communication strategies and stakeholder engagement programs are making a positive difference in communities across Queensland.


We understand the energy that utility providers invest in delivering water, gas and electricity to customers’ homes and businesses.

Our senior consultants provide in-house services and advice to electricity, water and wastewater providers as well as the government on various energy projects.

Our strategies focus on balancing the needs of government, regulators, shareholders, customers and communities.

Our work in the utilities sector has included:

  • designing and implementing communication strategies
  • designing stakeholder engagement programs
  • developing in-house media capability
  • developing, implementing and reporting sustainability initiatives
  • governance reporting.


With experience at the local, state and federal levels we know how to design communication strategies that connect government to their stakeholders.

Our political nous, coupled with our ability to distil complex marketing and communication challenges into simple, logical and practical solutions has become PRISM’S trademark.

As communication advisors to senior-level management and in-house communication and marketing teams, our work has encompassed many challenging management and public issues including:

  • economic development programs
  • transport policy and projects
  • public safety and security initiatives
  • privacy and identity issues
  • destination marketing
  • strategic planning.


Our design solutions for the resource sector balance the needs of client organisations, communities and governments.

We take an approach which focuses on designing a solution which supports the principles of the global  Stakeholder Engagement Standard (AA1000SES).

Our communication solutions for the resources sector have involved working in a national and international context in:

  • stakeholder engagement
  • writing and editing publications and reports
  • issues management.

Our communication architects

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PRISM consultants apply a unique approach to communication architecture.

We work with organisations to prove and improve the value of their communication effort. We are leaders in the field of communication strategy measurement and evaluation.

We have the experience and tools to design and implement communication solutions that deliver maximum results for the best value.

Our communication architects are senior practitioners in strategic communication, stakeholder engagement, and issues and media management. We demonstrate this in our work with complex organisations and service delivery clients seeking to change community behaviour; for government departments overseeing state-wide policies, programs and projects; for government-owned corporations grappling with reputation issues; for public and private sector organisations seeking to be heard above the noise.

We have long-standing relationships with clients who attest to the value PRISM provides.

We help organisational leaders to succeed by providing executive coaching and we share our knowledge through mentoring in-house staff and providing training in practical communication skills of writing, editing and proofreading, crisis and issues management.

We regularly work in-house in client organisations – for short or long periods – as part of their team or acting in vacant roles. Our resources include a network of proven practitioners who work with PRISM on regular assignments and deliver memorable, elegant, practical, and measureable solutions that are the hallmark of the PRISM approach.

Contact our Principal Communication Architect Deb Camden today to find out how PRISM can deliver for you.

Deb Camden

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